müd+ (mud+) pouch with mycobacterium vaccae softgel capsules

What exactly is müd+?

Pronounced like "mood", müd+ is a supplement containing a bacteria called Mycobacterium Vaccae, a naturally occurring strain found in dirt or mud. Mycobacterium Vaccae (M. Vaccae for short) has been shown to promote mental well-being in numerous studies.

How does it work?

While there is still much to learn about M. Vaccae, so far it's clear it has the potential to positively impact inflammation and the immune system. Research is now uncovering the close relationship between mental health and inflammation, finding strong evidence to link these two issues that were once thought unrelated. The current research indicates it may decrease chronic inflammation via a number of different pathways and benefit the serotonin system. More details on this here.


Why do you call these bacteria "old friends"?

Researchers coined this term for bacteria like these because of our relationship with them in the past. Prior to modern society, we had regular exposure to these bacteria and their valuable effects. As humans grew to better understand disease causing pathogens, our efforts to combat the bad microbes also reduced our contact with the good bacteria like M. Vaccae. These bacteria are our "friends" who we have been out of touch with, until now. Learn more here.

probiotic supplement capsules in glass dish and lying on table surface

How is this different from a probiotic?

There are a number of key differences between M. Vaccae and probiotics.

For one, M. Vaccae is what is known as a transient commensal, meaning it does not colonize or live in your gut like probiotics might. These microbes do not remain in you, and therefore we need repeated exposure to experience the benefits. Naturally, we would be exposed to bacteria like M. Vaccae through soil or mud, unlike probiotics which we ingest in foods like yogurt, kimchi, kombucha etc.

When comparing M. Vaccae to the common probiotics strains, another key difference stands out: the cell wall. M. Vaccae and certain other species of Mycobacteria have exceptionally thick cell walls that trigger unique immunomodulatory effects in the body. Just as probiotics play an important part in your health, M. Vaccae fulfills its own special role in your body.