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Controlled Production

The beauty of producing our product in a lab is that we have complete control over the process.

The cultivation of the bacteria adheres to a set of precise specifications, ensuring optimal growing conditions that enhance its effectiveness. This process is conducted under strictly controlled conditions to maintain the highest quality and efficacy for your benefit.

It also means it's free from any environmental contaminants that you might find in animal, plant, or mineral based products from outside.

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Advanced Formulation

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, quality is rigorously monitored at each stage to ensure the highest standard of technical excellence in our production. Our product is formulated using reputable, Japanese made machines to produce high quality and consistent results. This gives us a softgel capsule that provides an easy to swallow delivery method and allows for consistent dosing.


Internal Testing

After the bacteria has undergone the heat-killing step, a sterility test is performed to ensure no viable bacteria still exists.

Third Party Testing

The final product is sent for third party testing to confirm the absence of harmful pathogens and heavy metals.

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Made in Sweden and the USA

The bacteria is cultivated in our partner lab in Sweden and formulated and encapsulated in the USA in a cGMP certified facility.