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Stay Grounded

A revolutionary supplement derived from a bacteria found naturally in Earth's soil.

Nature's Ancient Solution to Modern Stress

A clinically studied strain of bacteria to promote mental well-being and stress resilience.
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Boost Your Müd


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Reconnect with NATURE

A Gift From Earth


Promote Healthy Levels of Inflammation

Müd+ may help promote healthy levels of inflammation in the body through its interaction with our immune system.


Support Mood

Since chronic inflammation has been linked to anxiety and depression, müd+ may help support overall mood and mental well-being.


Reunite with Your "Old Friends"

These microbes have been called our "old friends" as frequent interaction in the past provided key signals for our immune system.

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Be Grounded, Be Well Be Grounded, Be Calm Be Grounded, Be Resilient

Not a probiotic


Müd+ contains Mycobacterium vaccae, a unique strain of bacteria not found in probiotic supplements and works better when inactivated.

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Yellow Bacteria Mycobacterium Vaccae
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Reconnect with Your "Old Friends"

Researchers call these microbes "old friends," potentially vital for immune regulation, but urban living has drastically reduced our exposure to them. We aim to reunite you with these special little bacteria.

Welcome back “old friend”. We’ve missed you so.

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Formulated for the Modern Human

Our ultra sterile, modern living has improved health in many ways, but it's greatly reduced our exposure to the helpful microbes we frequently encountered in the past.

Müd+ safely reintroduces your body to these helpful bacteria.

A New Era


There's a whole new world beyond probiotics being discovered.

The bacteria that survive in your gut play a big role in your health, but the ones that simply pass through can play a crucial part that's just as significant.

We are only just beginning to understand the magic of these transient microbes.

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“The investigators could tell who had been injected with the bacteria because their whole attitude changed”

“It was supposed to be a double-blind study, but the investigators could nearly always tell who was on the genuine treatment because their whole attitude, their demeanor, changed. They just looked better.”

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