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müd+... What is it?

Pronounced "mood", müd+ is a mental well-being and inflammation balancing supplement derived from a type of bacteria found naturally in soil. We use a non-pathogenic and inactivated bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae NCTC 11659 (recently reclassified as Mycobacterium kyogaense) that has been shown to promote stress resilience, reduce anxiety, and maintain general mental well-being, as well as regulate inflammation in the body.

How does it work?

There are likely multiple pathways by which this strain of bacteria exerts its beneficial effects.

Primarily, it is believed to work by regulating inflammation in the body. In many mental health ailments like anxiety, PTSD, and depression, there is underlying chronic inflammation in the body. These mental health issues have also been linked to dysfunction of the immune system (like autoimmune related disorders). This bacteria may help our immune system better distinguish between what to target (pathogens) and what not to target (our own healthy cells or harmless substances). In other words, it may help to train our bodies to promote healthy levels of inflammation and produce inflammation only when warranted.

Many clinical studies have shown this strain of bacteria to have a marked impact on anxiety related behaviors and a material improvement in overall mood. There are two primary areas that appear to be significantly impacted: the enhancement of Regulatory T Cells (which calm inflammation) and a beneficial effect on the serotonin system, including serotonergic genes and neurons.

See our Research page for more details.

Is it safe?

This particular strain has been subjected to extensive clinical trials spanning decades, many of which injected the inactivated bacteria directly into the participants' bodies. These trials have demonstrated that this strain is remarkably safe and well tolerated. See more here

This bacteria is non-pathogenic but as an extra layer of safety and to provide even more peace of mind, the bacteria is completely sterilized and heat-killed after cultivation. We run two sets of tests. First we perform a sterility test after the heat-killing step to ensure it is free of any live bacteria. After the bacteria is formulated into the suspension and encapsulated into softgels, we send the final product off for third party analysis where it's tested for common harmful microbes.

As with any new supplement, please consult with your licensed healthcare provider to determine if it is appropriate for you, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

Will this completely get rid of my stress and anxiety?

No, müd+ increases your stress resilience and coping abilities but will not completely remove all feelings of anxiety. You probably wouldn't want it to anyway.

When manageable, stress and anxiety can actually be helpful and play an important role in our behavior. When stress or anxiety strikes, müd+ should help you feel like you can handle it and prevent feelings of being completely overwhelmed.

How is this different than a probiotic?

M. vaccae is quite different from any currently available probiotic strain. Unlike typical probiotics, M. vaccae does not colonize or live in the gut and is more effective when heat-killed.

M. vaccae also has a relatively thick cell wall with an elaborate structure that triggers distinct immunomodulatory effects within the body, a key distinguishing feature from the common Lactobacillus, Bacillus, Bifidobacterium probiotic strains.

How soon will I begin to notice the effects?

There should be a subtle improvement after the first two weeks. However, some individuals may experience the effects much sooner. By gradually promoting a healthy and balanced inflammatory response in the body, the full effect should take place during weeks 3 and 4 and will remain as you continue to take the supplement.

We recommend taking müd+ for at least 30 days before evaluating whether it's effective for you.

What are the ingredients?

The supplement consists of the heat-killed Mycobacterium vaccae NCTC 11659 formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gelatin Capsule, Glycerin, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Sunflower Lecithin, Purified Water

Where is it made?

The bacteria is cultivated in Sweden and the final formulation, encapsulation, and packaging is completed in the United States.

How is it still effective if the bacteria are dead?

After the heat-killing step, the bacteria are indeed dead and inactivated. The heat-killing procedure actually enhances the effectiveness of the product by ensuring proper presentation of the proteins, lipids, and antigens for your body. The bacteria does not need to be living in order for your immune system to detect and react to these key parts of the bacteria.

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